William Blair SICAV Fund Proxy Voting Information

In accordance with CSSF Regulation 10-4 (Article 23) and CSSF Circular 18/698 investment managers must develop strategies to ensure voting rights attached to instruments held in managed portfolios are exercised for the exclusive benefit of the UCITS concerned. In addition the investment manager will ensure that voting rights are exercised in accordance with the investment objectives of the fund. The proxy voting policy ensures clarity of the strategies used when voting and the management of actual and potential conflicts of interest.

Information about the policies and procedures that the William Blair SICAV Funds uses to determine how to vote proxies relating to its portfolio securities, as well as the voting activity of the SICAV Funds can be found by using the list of links below. Details of the actions taken on the basis of these strategies are available to SICAV shareholders free of charge at their request at the registered office of the SICAV.

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