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Benefits of Cognitive Diversity

February 6, 2019 | News

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Successful investment management firms of the future will be investment led and foster a culture of intellectual curiosity and diverse thinking, said Stephanie Braming, CFA, partner, global head of investment management at William Blair, in a recent interview with the National Association of Investment Companies (NAIC).

Diverse thoughts, backgrounds, and cultures all focused on addressing investment needs or discussing client ideas create a “cognitive diversity that I believe will lead to stronger outcomes,” Braming said.

“I believe cognitive diversity will lead to stronger outcomes.”
– Stephanie Braming, CFA, Partner, Global Head, William Blair Investment Management

A firm's “culture of intellectual curiosity and diversity of thought” comes from the top down but must be holistic from the bottom up with intentional leadership, recruiting programs, and career development opportunities, Braming added.

She highlighted that William Blair partners with several organizations, including the NAIC, Management Leadership for Tomorrow, and Girls Who Invest to try to broaden and deepen opportunities.

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