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Uncovering Unique AI Investments

April 25, 2018 | U.S. Equity

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Many large-cap companies are discussing their artificial intelligence initiatives. But we're focused on identifying companies with rare datasets or that are uniquely positioned in an industry, which can create proprietary revenue streams and long-term investment opportunities, says Corey Tobin, partner and research analyst on the U.S. Growth Equity team.

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So this is an incredibly exciting time to be an investor—and specifically in the field of technology, as we are at the cusp of a significant acceleration in the pace of innovation.

Examples are abundant in every industry, whether it's in healthcare, where we are using computers today to help detect and come up with recommendations on how to treat diseases, or in the transportation space, with route optimization as well as autonomous vehicles. You're seeing it in the consumer space, with suggestive selling on certain websites; that's all powered by artificial intelligence. Or even earphones that you can buy today that will do real time speech translation.

Most large-cap companies, especially those in the internet space, are prominently discussing their artificial intelligence initiatives. But we try to differentiate ourselves by finding those companies with rare datasets or that are uniquely positioned in an industry, and that can use these newer technologies to create proprietary revenue streams. By identifying those companies, we hope to find great investments—not just for today, but for the longer term.

Corey Tobin, CFA, partner, is a research analyst and co-director of research on William Blair's U.S. Growth Equity team.