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Invented in China, Not Made in China

February 26, 2018 | Global/Emerging Markets

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The China A-Share market provides access to compelling long-term investment themes in China, in particular the emerging consumer and technology innovation. Watch William Blair's Global Equity team members Vivian Lin Thurston, CFA, partner and research analyst, and Casey Preyss, CFA, partner and portfolio manager, highlight which Chinese industries provide structural growth opportunities.

Watch the video or read the recap below.


Thurston: The China A-Share market provides a great opportunity to play into two investable themes of China. Number one: emerging consumer. Emerging consumer remains the most attractive growth opportunity in China. Secondly, China also has a great opportunity in terms of innovation.

Preyss: When we visit companies on the mainland, it's clear China's quickly transitioning from “Made in China” to “Invented in China.”

Thurston: China is one of most innovative countries in the world in terms of capital investment, entrepreneurship, and technology advancement. China A market provides a great access to a few very innovative industries across different sectors, such as artificial intelligence, smartphone supply chain, solar.

Preyss: We are seeing very rapid technological innovation and accelerating growth in many Chinese industries, such as IT, healthcare, robotics, and renewable energy. These are some of the most compelling long-term investment themes in the China A-Share market today.