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As the COVID-19 outbreak intensifies and market volatility increases, get our latest insights.

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Our Journey to a Sustainable Future

As investors and advisors who focus on our clients' long-term success, sustainability is central to how we assess the risks and opportunities facing our clients. Read More (PDF)

COVID-19: Stress Testing

William Blair News

While the full impact of COVID-19 on the global economy is still unknowable, we are gaining perspective on its economic impact, and thus its investment implications. Captured below are perspectives from each of our investment teams. We are stress-testing companies using a common set of reference points. – Global Equity Team Global Equity Projected U.S. […]

COVID-19: William Blair's Proactive Response

Stephanie Braming, CFA, Partner

As the COVID-19 outbreak intensifies and market volatility increases, I wanted to take a few moments to update you on William Blair’s proactive response.

COVID-19 Implications: Updated Thinking

Ken McAtamney, Partner

Heightened concerns surrounding the spread of COVID-19 and the extent of its economic impact are driving significant volatility across asset classes globally. At this point the full impact on the global economy is unknowable, as it depends on the duration and strength of the quarantine now in effect across many locations in Europe and the United States.

Coronavirus Spreads to Emerging Debt

Daniel Wood
Luis Olguin, CFA

Markets began reacting to the potential economic impact of the coronavirus during the week of February 18, and we could see further volatility in the coming weeks—but we believe changes in emerging markets debt (EMD) spreads present a clear buying opportunity. Below we discuss our outlook and likely investment implications.

Coronavirus Shakes Markets—Likely Temporarily

Ken McAtamney, Partner

Last week’s change in the outlook for the spread of the coronavirus shook the markets, making it important for investment managers to provide clients with their analysis of the likely implications from a societal, market, and portfolio perspective.

Investment Implications of COVID-19: Worse Before Better

John Simmons, CFA

When we began discussing the coronavirus outbreak in mid-January, we ascertained that things would get worse before they were better. That is still the case, for public health and the markets.
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