Global Leaders Sustainability Fund

Investment Objective

Capital appreciation


Fund Characteristics

The Global Leaders Sustainability Fund seeks to invest in companies around the world with above-average returns on equity, strong balance sheets and consistent, above-average earnings growth, resulting in a focused portfolio of leading companies. In pursuing these opportunities, the Fund also seeks to avoid companies that do not respect international human rights conventions and companies that derive a significant portion of their revenues from activities deemed not compliant with sustainable investment principles.


Investment Approach

  • The Fund will seek securities of companies that historically have had and are expected to maintain superior growth, profitability and quality relative to local markets and relative to companies within the same industry worldwide
  • The Fund looks for companies demonstrating positive sustainability characteristics identified through proprietary research
  • Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are integrated in the Fund's investment process, alongside traditional financial factors, facilitating a holistic assessment of company risks and opportunities
  • The Fund will seek investment opportunities in companies at different stages of development ranging from large, well-established companies to smaller companies at an earlier stage of development.
  • The Fund's sector and geographic diversification will vary, based upon fundamental research, coupled with the ongoing evaluation of economic, market and political trends throughout the world


Why Consider This Fund?

  • Systematically integrates ESG considerations in the investment process
  • High quality focus emphasizing long term sustainable value creation
  • Active, fundamental research-driven