Dynamic Diversified Allocation Fund

As of 31.12.2019

Portfolio Construction Guidelines 1

Additional Fund Information

Inception Date: 03/26/2013
ISIN: LU0874269805
Bloomberg Symbol: WBSDDIU LX
Valoren Number: 20418653
WKN Number: A1KBJ2
Lipper: 68192086         

Fund Statistics

Total Net Assets ($Million): $71

Fund Exposures

Europe (ex-U.K.)  4.7%
U.K.  6.9%
Asia Developed  3.7%
U.S.  9.3%
Canada  0.3%
Emerging  11.0%

Fixed Income
 Developed (ex -U.S)3  8.7%
 U.S.3  20.9%
Emerging  2.0%

Unencumbered Cash 2  25.2%

Credit Detail
European Investment Grade Spread  3.5%
European High Yield Spread 0.0%
U.S. Investment Grade Spread  5.5%
U.S. High Yield Spread  0.5%

Active Currency
Euro (EUR)  -7.6%
Switzerland Franc (CHF) -6.8%
Great Britain Pound (GBP)  5.1%
Other Europe  8.9%
Australia Dollar (AUD)  -5.1%
New Zealand Dollar (NZD) -7.6%
U.S. Dollar (USD)  -5.7%
Canada Dollar (CAD)  0.0%
Other Americas 11.4%
Japan Yen (JPY)  5.1%
China Yuan (CNY)  -1.7%
Asia (ex-JPY and CNY) 2.3%
Other  1.7%

Select Exposures4
Norwegian Krone (NOK) 5.1%
Mexican Peso (MXN) 5.5%
Columbian Peso (COP) 4.2%

1 With respect to Portfolio Construction Guidelines, holding allocations are not expected to fall below lower expectation band more frequently than 10% of the trading days based on daily value of Fund; similarly, holding allocations are not expected to exceed upper expectation band more frequently than 10% of trading days based on daily value of Fund. The “Base Currency” portfolio guideline refers to the base currency in which an individual invests in the Fund.
2 Unencumbered cash is residual cash and equivalents.
3 Reflected as 10-year exposures
4 Select currency exposures by largest expected contribution to portfolio risk.