Emerging Markets Small Cap Growth Fund

Investment Objective

Capital Appreciation

Fund Characteristics

The Fund seeks to invest in emerging markets small cap companies with superior quality and growth characteristics relative to competitors.

Investment Approach

Based on a diverse research universe, the Fund evaluates emerging markets small cap companies across sectors and countries, including frontier markets.
The Fund seeks to invest in companies with high quality and sustainable growth characteristics
  • Organic value creation
  • Peer group leadership
  • Consistent earnings growth
  • High return on capital and assets
  • Positive earnings trends over time
  • Low leverage

Why Consider This Fund?

  • Reflects a long history of identifying undiscovered small companies with strong management teams and unique capabilities
  • Consumer-focused, reflecting the secular growth opportunity in developing economies
  • Employs dedicated small cap analysts to ensure coverage of expanding opportunity set
  • Managed by a seasoned team with decades of emerging markets experience