Emerging Markets Small Cap Growth Fund

As of 31.10.2018

Additional Fund Information

Inception Date: 03/01/2013
ISIN: LU0874276255
SEDOL: B97Q627
Bloomberg Symbol: WBSEMIC LX
Valoren Number: 20415426
WKN Number: A1KBKS
Lipper: 68192421         

Fund Statistics

Total Net Assets ($Million): $166
Number Of Holdings: 126
Wgtd Avg Market Cap ($Billion): $1.6
Median Market Cap ($Billion): $1.0
P/E Ratio (Next 12 Months): 17.2
EPS Growth (Projected): 20.8%
Trailing 1-Year Turnover: 176.8%
Cash: 2.10

Top 10 Holdings

Company Name
% Of Fund
IRB Brasil Resseguros S/A 3.3%
Magazine Luiza S.A. 2.7%
Localiza Rent a Car S.A. 2.6%
TCI Co., Ltd 2.5%
Bangkok Chain Hospital Public Company Limited 1.9%
Home Product Center Public Company Limited 1.9%
Banco del Bajio S.A. 1.8%
Fila Korea Ltd. 1.7%
Hong Leong Bank Berhad 1.7%
NIIT Technologies Limited 1.6%
Total of Top 10 21.7%

Market Cap Diversification

Range % of Fund
> $15.0B 0.0%
$3.0B - $15.0B 16.1%
< $3.0B 83.9%
Total 100.0%

Sector Diversification

Sector Name
% of Fund
Consumer Discretionary 22.0%
Financials 15.3%
Industrials 13.0%
Information Technology 12.4%
Health Care 11.6%
Consumer Staples 10.9%
Materials 7.0%
Communication Services 2.8%
Utilities 2.2%
Energy 2.2%
Real Estate 0.6%
Percentage of Fund 100.0%

Geographic Diversification

% of Fund
Asia 69.3%
Europe, Mid-East, Africa 8.4%
Latin America 22.3%
Total 100.0%
Top ten holdings are shown as % of total net assets. Sector, Market Cap and Geographic Diversification charts show % of investments for the Fund and exclude cash equivalents.
Information about the Fund’s holdings should not be considered investment advice. There is no guarantee that the Fund will continue to hold any one particular security or stay invested in any one particular sector. Holdings are subject to change at any time.

Market cap diversification amounts are calculated using float-adjusted market capitalizations.