Emerging Markets Leaders Fund

As of 31.10.2018

Standardized Returns

  Month YTD 1 Yr. 3 Yrs. 5 Yrs. 10 Yrs. Life of Fund
Emerging Markets Leaders Fund -9.42% -19.64% -15.88% 3.71% -- -- 2.27%
MSCI Emerging Markets Index (net) - USD -8.71% -15.72% -12.52% 6.52% -- -- 2.88%

Calendar Year Total Returns

  2017 2016 2015 2014†
Emerging Markets Leaders Fund 42.38% 2.35% -13.95% 10.33%
MSCI Emerging Markets Index (net) - USD 37.28% 11.19% -14.92% 4.49%
† Since Fund’s inception on 2/7/14 through 12/31/14.

Performance cited represents past performance. Past performance does not guarantee future results and current performance may be lower or higher than the data quoted. Returns shown are average annual total returns, which assume reinvestment of dividends and capital gains. Investment returns and principal will fluctuate with market and economic conditions and you may have a gain or loss when you sell shares.

The MSCI Emerging Markets Large Cap Index (net) is a free float-adjusted market capitalization index that is designed to measure equity market performance of large capitalization stocks in emerging markets. This series approximates the minimum possible dividend reinvestment.

International investing involves special risk considerations, including currency fluctuations, lower liquidity, economic and political risk. Investing in emerging markets can increase these risks.