US All Cap Growth Fund

Investment Objective

Long-term capital appreciation

Fund Characteristics

The Fund seeks to invest across the market cap spectrum in companies with strong growth characteristics, quality management teams, and solid financials.

Investment Approach

  • A growth fund that invests in quality growth companies with a durable business franchise
  • Looks for companies with strong growth potential, predictable financials and quality management. Generally seeks to avoid companies with unproven business models or volatile earnings
  • Aims to have a relatively low turnover by investing in companies that have the potential to be long-term winners. Generally avoids short-term and cyclical trading opportunities
  • Employs bottom-up fundamental company research
  • Seeks to invest in companies that are high quality and well managed

Why Consider This Fund?

  • Seeks to deliver competitive returns over time with a moderate risk profile
  • Applies a time-tested, fundamental research approach to assess a company’s growth sustainability and critical success factors
  • Features an unconstrained opportunity set to leverage the best ideas, regardless of market cap
  • Provides a focused yet diversified portfolio of stocks
  • Managed by an experienced and long-tenured portfolio management team
  • The Fund is actively managed and is not constrained by a benchmark


  • The value of shares and any income from them can increase or decrease and an investor may not get back the amount originally invested
  • Where investments are made in currencies other than an investor's base currency, the value of those investments will be affected (favourably or unfavourably) by movements in exchange rates
  • Equity securities may decrease in value in response to the activities of an individual company or in response to general market, business, and economic conditions
  • The Fund focuses its investments in the United States and will have greater exposure to the market, political and economic risks of that country than if it was more diversified across a number of countries