China A-Shares Growth Fund

Investment Objective

Capital appreciation

Fund Characteristics

The Fund seeks to invest in A-Shares of Chinese companies that exhibit consistent profitability and growth, better-than-peer balance sheets, and reasonable valuations.

Investment Approach

  • Normally, the Fund will primarily invest its net assets in securities issued in the People’s Republic of China, including A-Shares of companies listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges
  • The Fund may also hold cash equivalent instruments or money market-type investments denominated in renminbi
  • The Fund combines deep fundamental research with systematic inputs to consistently identify alpha opportunities
  • The Fund is actively managed within its objective and is not constrained by a benchmark

Why Consider This Fund?

  • Provides access to domestic growth opportunities in China through investments in high-quality growth companies
  • Provides exposure to China A-Shares across the spectrum of market capitalizations
  • Provides significant diversification potential to global investors, since the China A-Share market is uncorrelated, under-researched, and inefficient
  • Managed by a seasoned team with a history of managing China A-Shares and a local presence on the ground in China
  • The Fund is actively managed and is not constrained by a benchmark


  • The value of shares and any income from them can increase or decrease and an investor may not get back the amount originally invested
  • Where investments are made in currencies other than an investor's base currency, the value of those investments will be affected (favourably or unfavourably) by movements in exchange rates
  • Emerging markets investments typically involve special risk considerations, including higher volatility, lower liquidity, economic and political risk
  • The Fund focuses its investments in China and will have greater exposure to the market, political and economic risks of that country than if it was more diversified across a number of countries
  • Investments through the Stock Connect may be subject to additional risks, including regulatory, liquidity, operational, clearing, settlement, market suspension, custody and quota limitation risks