US Small-Mid Cap Core Fund

Investment Objective

Long-term capital appreciation


Fund Characteristics

The Fund seeks to invest in small and mid cap quality companies that are undervalued by the marketplace.


Investment Approach

  • Invests in quality companies that are expected to have durable returns on invested capital
  • The investment process relies on thorough, in-depth fundamental research of a company, its competitors, suppliers and/or customers
  • Invests in companies that are expected to meet some if not all of the following criteria: market leadership, unique products or processes, strong marketing capability, and conservative financial and accounting practices


Why Consider This Fund?

  • Seeks to provide strong long-term investment returns with lower levels of risk
  • Applies a time-tested, fundamental research approach to assess a company's durability and critical success factors
  • Utilizes William Blair's Research Agenda to ensure portfolio managers and analysts continually focus on the most attractive portfolio candidates
  • Managed by an experienced, long-tenured portfolio management team